I painted my nail to look like a converse shoe!

I used a nude color by OPI as the base coat, then painted the whole nail white. After that, I made the top 2/3 of the nail black. I used a detail set by KISS (these have the brushes with he thin points) to make a detail black stripe, and then criss-crosses for the “laces”.

Since the rest of my nails on that hand are broken off and not long enough to do that, I just used the black and white KISS polish to do a white/black french tip.

A warning: I tried to put a clear coat over the shoe a few hours later (when the polish was completely dry) and for some reason the KISS polish smeared…


I went to the Mall of America this weekend with my boyfriend (DJ) and his friend, Josh, so Josh could work on his first Photography assignment and get some help from DJ and I, since DJ used to sell cameras at Best Buy and I’m a photographer. I had wanted to browse Archivers for some scrapbooking stuff, but I’d decided I’d be nice and not put the boys through that… until they decided they wanted to stop at Sears to look at tools. (Hey, I had to get some payback!) So, I dragged them back to the store. It actually turns out Josh is kind of into the idea of scrapbooking, and I even caught him browsing papers at one point. Go figure. We were looking at some samples, and saw this cool junle-themed mini book. I started looking around for the papers and whatnot that I’d need to do it… and then the boys pointed to a pre-packaged kit that had everything I’d need, even an album. At only $28 I figured I’d give it a shot since it had some cool techniques like paper sanding and tearing that I haven’t tried before. Plus, the kit came with full color instructions for each page. Sold! But then that gave me reason to go back through the store and pull out everything else that had caught me eye. If I’m spending $30, why not spend a little more, right? $70 and a free tote bag later, the boys finally got me out of there.

The pages were really easy, and I tried to only do a few each day to pace myself. It turned out like nothing I’ve done before, and I’m really proud. Plus, DJ likes it since it includes some giraffe print stuff lol

I had way too many mason jars after a failed attempt at canning, so after decorating some, I’ve set up 6 of them to hold my pens, highlighters, scissors, Sharpies, and even one I converted to a mini sewing kit that has a pin cushion on top (and stores my button collection!)

I need a life. lol

Giraffe Nails!

I found these nail strips at Walgreens, and since they were giraffe print, I figured my boyfriend, DJ, would get a kick out of doing my nails this way since he loves anything giraffe.

They turned out fairly well, but applying them was tricky. The first strip I tried, I forgot to peel off the top plastic covering (FAIL!). They don’t rip very cleanly at the ends of the nails, so for the first day until they wore down the nails looked kind of ragged.

I also was able to cover 2 nails per strip because my nails aren’t terribly long. The ends chipped a little, and also by the cuticles. I put a clear coat of nail polish over the strips on the nail just to protect it a little because I noticed they had a tendency to tear.

All in all, I’m happy with them and the nails look cute. Not something I’d do too often because of the $10 price, but worth it for once in a while use 🙂

The hats that started it all. I ended up learning how to crochet, and started making baby hats from any patterns I found online, and made a baby giraffe hat. Little did I know that was my boyfriend’s favorite animal. He asked me to make one in his size. (“I promise I’ll wear it!!” Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of… My boyfriend is kind of a goofball and I worried he’d literally wear that silly hat EVERYWHERE haha) But I made it. And then I made myself one when he asked because he wanted us to match (but mine has a bow on it because I’m a girl!). We also went to the zoo so he could see the giraffes and have a picture of him in his hat with them, and we ended up getting giraffe stuffed animals at the gift shop. Then, we even went to the portrait studio I work at and had a couple photos taken with the hats and giraffes. The entire giraffe craze has really taken off for us, so expect several giraffe-themed blog posts out of me!

[Bought new boots on Ebay, (they’re the “Muse” boot from Qupid in burgundy. I had to go out to the backyard to take a picture!]

I could be a cowboy
In my muddy worn out boots
I could be a cowboy
It’d give me the right to run like you

I could be a cowboy, but that’d mean leavin’
Where the stars above are the company I’m keeping
I could walk right out the door, and never come back home
Oh, I could be a cowboy but I don’t like to be alone…

[The McClymonts “I Could Be a Cowboy”]

No, we aren’t actually engaged (yet!) But this is the date we’ve talked about, so I started playing around on photoshop and made us a “save the date” card that’s very us! lol

This photo is a mash-up of 2 different pictures taken on our trip to Michigan earlier this month. The first is a lighthouse at sunset on Lake Michigan and the second is of DJ and I at the sane dunes. What I did was I set the sunset photo as the background in Photoshop. I took the one of us and layered it directly on top, turned the layer black and white and bumped the opacity down to about 50% so we were semi-translucent. Then I added some text.

I found a great website (www.canvaspeople.com) after googling “free canvas photo print”. If you go directly to the website, their canvases are normally priced. Google that phrase, and it’ll give you a link to the site where an 8×10 is free, all you pay is shipping (about $15) It’s a great deal since most canvases that size run you anywhere from $50-$80. I tried it out, and the day after I purchased it they sent me an email coupon for another free canvas (score!).

The canvas turned out really nice. They even included hanging hardware. The only difference is a slight variance in color. They warn about this, since computers use RGB color and their industrial printer is different, etc. So the sunset is slightly more yellow and a bit less vibrant. It was free, so it didn’t bother me. All in all, I love it! Can’t wait to find another photo to do it all over again with!