The hats that started it all. I ended up learning how to crochet, and started making baby hats from any patterns I found online, and made a baby giraffe hat. Little did I know that was my boyfriend’s favorite animal. He asked me to make one in his size. (“I promise I’ll wear it!!” Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of… My boyfriend is kind of a goofball and I worried he’d literally wear that silly hat EVERYWHERE haha) But I made it. And then I made myself one when he asked because he wanted us to match (but mine has a bow on it because I’m a girl!). We also went to the zoo so he could see the giraffes and have a picture of him in his hat with them, and we ended up getting giraffe stuffed animals at the gift shop. Then, we even went to the portrait studio I work at and had a couple photos taken with the hats and giraffes. The entire giraffe craze has really taken off for us, so expect several giraffe-themed blog posts out of me!

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