This photo is a mash-up of 2 different pictures taken on our trip to Michigan earlier this month. The first is a lighthouse at sunset on Lake Michigan and the second is of DJ and I at the sane dunes. What I did was I set the sunset photo as the background in Photoshop. I took the one of us and layered it directly on top, turned the layer black and white and bumped the opacity down to about 50% so we were semi-translucent. Then I added some text.

I found a great website ( after googling “free canvas photo print”. If you go directly to the website, their canvases are normally priced. Google that phrase, and it’ll give you a link to the site where an 8×10 is free, all you pay is shipping (about $15) It’s a great deal since most canvases that size run you anywhere from $50-$80. I tried it out, and the day after I purchased it they sent me an email coupon for another free canvas (score!).

The canvas turned out really nice. They even included hanging hardware. The only difference is a slight variance in color. They warn about this, since computers use RGB color and their industrial printer is different, etc. So the sunset is slightly more yellow and a bit less vibrant. It was free, so it didn’t bother me. All in all, I love it! Can’t wait to find another photo to do it all over again with!


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