Giraffe Nails!

I found these nail strips at Walgreens, and since they were giraffe print, I figured my boyfriend, DJ, would get a kick out of doing my nails this way since he loves anything giraffe.

They turned out fairly well, but applying them was tricky. The first strip I tried, I forgot to peel off the top plastic covering (FAIL!). They don’t rip very cleanly at the ends of the nails, so for the first day until they wore down the nails looked kind of ragged.

I also was able to cover 2 nails per strip because my nails aren’t terribly long. The ends chipped a little, and also by the cuticles. I put a clear coat of nail polish over the strips on the nail just to protect it a little because I noticed they had a tendency to tear.

All in all, I’m happy with them and the nails look cute. Not something I’d do too often because of the $10 price, but worth it for once in a while use 🙂


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