I went to the Mall of America this weekend with my boyfriend (DJ) and his friend, Josh, so Josh could work on his first Photography assignment and get some help from DJ and I, since DJ used to sell cameras at Best Buy and I’m a photographer. I had wanted to browse Archivers for some scrapbooking stuff, but I’d decided I’d be nice and not put the boys through that… until they decided they wanted to stop at Sears to look at tools. (Hey, I had to get some payback!) So, I dragged them back to the store. It actually turns out Josh is kind of into the idea of scrapbooking, and I even caught him browsing papers at one point. Go figure. We were looking at some samples, and saw this cool junle-themed mini book. I started looking around for the papers and whatnot that I’d need to do it… and then the boys pointed to a pre-packaged kit that had everything I’d need, even an album. At only $28 I figured I’d give it a shot since it had some cool techniques like paper sanding and tearing that I haven’t tried before. Plus, the kit came with full color instructions for each page. Sold! But then that gave me reason to go back through the store and pull out everything else that had caught me eye. If I’m spending $30, why not spend a little more, right? $70 and a free tote bag later, the boys finally got me out of there.

The pages were really easy, and I tried to only do a few each day to pace myself. It turned out like nothing I’ve done before, and I’m really proud. Plus, DJ likes it since it includes some giraffe print stuff lol

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